Film presentations at the City Museum coming to an end

Published: 17.11.2015

For the past couple of decades, Helsinki City Museum has been arranging day-time presentations of Helsinki-themed films in the Kino Engel 2 in the museum’s main building…

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Time Machine under construction

Published: 21.10.2015

Helsinki City Museum will open a new museum in May 2016 in a unique location in the Tori Quarters, next to the capital’s iconic Senate Square. One of the museum’s attractions will be the Time Machine, a space utilising new technology into which anyone can enter and experience Helsinki of the past.

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Concerts in November at the Music! exhibition

Hakasalmi villa

Film schedules in December

Sofiankatu 4

Classical Music Rave

Hakasalmi Villa

Start of the Advent season

Sofiankatu 4 & Hakasalmi Villa

Suitcase of memories: Christmas memories

Sofiankatu 4
More events

Back to the Future Day presents Time Machine and other gadgets

Published: 7.10.2015

“When this baby hits 88 MPH we’re gonna see some serious shit!” – Emmet ”Doc” Brown In honor of Back to the Future Day, Helsinki City Museum will engage in…

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Elanto’s photograph treasure now online

Published: 25.9.2015

The picture collection full of memories of Co-operative society Elanto has been published as a separate collection on the Helsinki City Museum’s Finna page at…

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Summer courtyard now open at the City Museum

Published: 23.6.2015

Reminiscent of an inner courtyard, this space offers a place for tourists and locals to take a break from walking up and down the streets of Helsinki.

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Guidebook to the First World War Fortifications

Published: 27.5.2015

Over 300 fortifications structures built during the First World War have survived in the Helsinki region: trenches, machine-gun emplacements overgrown with moss and shelters quarried into the bedrock. When…

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